Phenolic resin is used as the main adhesive in the friction industry, without its binding effect, we cannot produce a qualified friction products. Resin doubtless is the core friction material ingredient, its performance plays an important role on the brake pads and clutches manufacture. In the whole combination of friction materials, resin not only bears part of the pressure capacity, but also spreads out part of the pressure capacity by transferring to fillers and enhancers. This kind of resin has many advantages such as low content of free phenol, high thermo-decomposing temperature, low thermos-fade of high temperature, good fluidity, low volatility, high soakage ability for fiber and stuffings, good thermo-stability coefficient and thermos-recovery ability and low wearing and so on.


Part No. Appearance Cure Time Flow 0,5g Moisture Rate Granularity Features
  (150/sec.) (125ºC/mm) (%) 200#,%  
FS-901 Light Yellow 70-120 25-45 ≤1.0% ≥99 Pure Phenolic Resin
FS-901A Light Yellow 60-115 25-40 ≤1.5% ≥99
FS-9014 Light Yellow 70-120 25-40 ≤1.5% ≥99
FS-2123 Light Red 35-85 25-50 ≤1.5% ≥98
FS-2123A Light Yellow 40-90 25-60 ≤1.5% ≥98
FS-9005 Light Yellow 60-100 30-50 ≤1.5% ≥99
FS-R9005 Light Yellow 70-90 30-45 ≤1.5% ≥99
FS-906 White 65-100 20-35 ≤1.0% ≥94 Acrylonitrile-Butadiene latex-modified
FS-9068 White 80-110 25-35 ≤1.0% ≥98
FS-902 Brown 65-110 30-50 ≤1.0% ≥98 Cashew-modified
FS-901D Light Yellow 40-60 20-30 ≤1.0% ≥98 High Temp. Resistant
FS-9019 Light Yellow 70-120 20-35 ≤1.0% ≥98 Toughening Type
FS-9019H Light Yellow 70-120 20-35 ≤1.5% ≥99 Toughening Type
1. 12.5KG/bag, double sheet paper bags with plastic bag.
2. Opened bags must be carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage. Stored in original packages in a dry, cool and well ventilated areas to prevent from direct sunlight.
3. Use appropriate to avoid environment contamination. 



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